Águas de São Pedro 
Águas de São Pedro is lacated on the São Paulo Plain at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level and is characterized by a very dense vegetation.

The Águas de São Pedro Hydromineral Spa was founded in the 1940's. Its supply of sulfuric water, with 34.3 mg of sulfur per liter, is the richest in Brazil.
Sulfuric water is considered to be a source of rejuvenation and is recommended for the treatment of diabetes, rheumatism, acne and other skin problems and allergies.

Águas de São Pedro has two additional medicinal water souces: the Almeida Salles Spring, whose water is enriched with sodium bicarbonate, and the Gioconda Spring, which is rich in sodium sulfate.

The average yearly temperature in Águas de São Pedro is 26oC and the climate is arid. In September, which is springtime in Brazil, the temperature may be lower than the average, at approximately 18 to 20oC.

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