The XIX Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering / XIII Brazilian Congress of Chemical Engineering/ I Brazilian Congress of Phase Equilibrium and Fluid Properties for Chemical Process Design intends to be a forum of scientific and academic exchanges of knowledge and opinion on all the topics of the Congress.

Papers accepted by the Scientific Committee of the Congress will be published in either the Congress Proceedings or in a special issue of the Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Both the special issue of the Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering and the Congress Proceedings will be available at the beginning of the Congress. All papers published in the special issue of the Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering or in the Congress Procedings will be presented at the Congress.

Scientific and technological innovations in Chemical Engineering and perspectives for the next century.

At the onset of the twenty-first century, the Congress will stress innovations in several areas of Chemical Engineering, highlighting the themes Scientific and Technological Innovations in Chemical Engineering and Perspectives for the next Century. The plenary lectures will specifically reflect these challenges, visions, criticisms and opportunities. The technical Program will cover the following topics, with the following recognized experts:

  • Chemical Reactor Engineering and Catalysis

  • Dr. H. Scott Fogler
  • Separation Engineering and Thermodynamics

  • Dr. John P. O' Connell
  • Transport Phenomena and Particulate Systems

  • Dr. Jack R. Howard
  • Modelling, Optimization and Control

  • Dr. Manfred Morari
  • Environmental Engineering

  • Dr. Rubens S. Ramalho
  • Biochemical Engineering I

  • Dr. Ruben G. Carbonell
  • Biochemical Engineering II

  • Dr. Luuk A. M. van der Wielen

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